Grammar & Creative Writing  文法及創意作班


Grammar is one of the essential elements of learning English.   



Students are introduced to a variety of writing styles that help motivate them to 

actively search, think, organize, communicate and express ideas clearly and 




本課程特別為稚園三年級至中學二年級學生的讀寫能力 (Literacy) 而設計,著重英語文法的應用分析及理解句子結構,掌握語法運用技巧,並鼓勵學生發揮創意及想像力,鞏固英語寫作基礎。


  * Native English Teacher


  * Reading and writing different genres, e.g. stories,

     diaries, letters, invitation cards and reading reports etc.

多元化的課程活動,學習特定文體如 故事、日記、書信、邀請卡,及閱讀報告等的寫作 技巧。

  * exposed to various literacy forms

  * to build students vocabulary and knowledge of 

     sentence structure

深入淺出講解文法專題 (Grammar Topic),豐富學生文法知識。


  *  Kindergarten 3 to Form 2

適合幼3-中2為 呈分試及升讀中學作好準備。

  * 1 Hour per Lesson (4 to 6 students per class) 

每堂一小時  (每班四至六人)